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2016. december 29. - EnglishOnline

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Klasszikus TELC nyelvvizsgás szövegértés illetve LANGUAGE ELEMENTS feladat: Helyezz vissza 15 közül 10 szövegelemet a cikkbe. Tehát 5 szó felesleges lesz! Melyek? 

A- announcement, B- ceremony, C- congratulations, D- delighted,

E- duchess, F- engagement, G- expecting, H- gynaecologist, I- legislation,  

J- marriage, K- monarch, L- prince, M- pregnancy, N- sickness, O- throne      


The Duchess of Cambridge is __________(1) a baby, St James's Palace has announced. Members of the Royal Family and the duchess's family, the Middletons, are said to be delighted. A spokesman said the duchess, who is thought to be less than 12 weeks pregnant, has been admitted to a London hospital with acute morning __________(2) and is likely to stay for several days. The baby - the couple's first - will be born third in line to the __________(3), after Prince Charles and Prince William. Catherine and William, who are both 30, were married at Westminster Abbey in April 2011.
BBC's royal correspondent Peter Hunt said William and Kate were staying at her parents in Berkshire at the weekend and travelled to the private London hospital from there by car. William spent several hours with his wife but left the King Edward VII hospital shortly after 20:00 GMT. It is understood that Kate is being cared for by __________(4) Marcus Setchell, who delivered the Countess of Wessex's two children. The duchess was last seen in public on Friday when she visited her old school, St Andrew's, in Pangbourne in Berkshire. In a statement, St James's Palace said: "Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby. "The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry and members of both families are __________(5) with the news." It said the duchess was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which requires supplementary hydration and nutrients. "As the pregnancy is in its very early stages, Her Royal Highness is expected to stay in hospital for several days and will require a period of rest thereafter," it added. St James's Palace refused to be drawn on when the royal couple became aware of the pregnancy, only saying "recently". But it is understood the palace __________(6) was prompted by the Duchess's medical condition. The Queen, Prince Charles and other members of the Royal Family were only told about the pregnancy earlier in the day, our royal correspondent said. Prince William's brother Prince Harry, who is serving with the Army in Afghanistan, is thought to have been told about pregnancy in an e-mail. Daghni Rajasingham, a consultant obstetrician, told BBC Radio 4's PM programme the sickness will continue throughout the pregnancy in a "very small" number of cases and may result in future re-admission to hospital "But in terms of any particular complications, if it's treated well and they're kept well hydrated it's something that is relatively easy and well treated."
Asked about having children in an interview after their __________(7) in November 2010, William said: "I think we'll take it one step at a time. We'll get over the marriage thing first and then maybe look at the kids, but obviously we want a family."
Prime Minister David Cameron wrote on Twitter that he was "delighted by the news...They will make wonderful parents." Labour leader Ed Miliband tweeted: "Fantastic news for Kate, William and the country. A royal baby is something the whole nation will celebrate." A spokesman for the Royal Air Force, with which William serves as a search-and-rescue pilot, said: "The RAF is delighted with the news and wishes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge all the best for the future." William's uncle Earl Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana, said the __________(8) was "wonderful news and I am thrilled for them both". The Archbishop of Canterbury, who married the couple, said: "The whole nation will want to join in celebrating this wonderful news. We wish the Duchess the best of health and happiness in the months ahead." The White House also paid tribute. President Barack Obama's press secretary Jay Carney said: "On behalf of everyone here...beginning with the president and first lady we extend our __________(9) to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the welcome news we received from London that they are expecting their first child." Royal journalist Ingrid Seward said the royal pair were likely to have wanted to start a family "sooner rather than later", but delayed so that they could play their part in honouring the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. She told the BBC: "Kate will be 31 in January and I think by royal standards that is relatively old."
In October 2011, Commonwealth leaders agreed to change succession laws so that the daughter of any future UK monarch will have equal right to the throne as a son. The law has not yet been altered but a Cabinet Office spokesman says formal consent is expected "very shortly" and ministers have indicated that the __________(10) will apply to any royal births from the date of the leaders' decision. The monarch is also head of the armed forces, supreme governor of the Church of England, head of state of the UK and 15 other Commonwealth countries.


As with William and Kate's wedding, this pregnancy will be played out both on a private and a very public stage. It was the great unsaid. As one historian put it, the first "duty and ambition" of someone in the duchess' position was to produce an heir. Marriages and births are crucial to the very survival of the ancient institution. When the baby is born, Prince Harry's importance reduces and he relinquishes the position of third-in-line to the throne. Even if it's a girl, the government is insistent she will be head of state of Britain and, as things stand, 15 other countries where the Queen still reigns. The law will be changed, they say, to ensure she would not be overtaken by any younger brother. The hope in royal circles will be that the future of the monarchy has now been secured for another generation.

/Adapted from BBC News/ 


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Hivatalos Testino fotók ♚CHARLOTTE HERCEGNŐ♛ KERESZTELŐJÉRŐL és szövegkitöltős feladat

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Extra: ünnepi királyi fotózkodós szókincstár képleírásos kifejezésekkel!


A Jordán vizével keresztelték meg július 5-én Charlotte Elisabeth Diana brit hercegnőt, William és Kate kisebbik gyermekét, a kis George húgát, Norfolkban. A világhírű fotós, Testino lőtt néhány fantasztikus képet róluk. Miközben megcsodálod őket, meg is oldhatod ezt a kapcsolódó brit cikkre épülő szövegkitöltős feladatot. Mindenhol egyszerűbb szavak hiányoznak: prepozíciók, névmások, névelők, segédigék stb. A szövegértést segítő szószedetet a cikk végén zölddel, míg a fotózkodós szókincset lilával szedve találod majd. Enjoy! (A feladat megoldásait 3 nap múlva posztolom ugyanide ☻ )

Captured by Testino after Princess Charlotte's christening William and Kate radiate happiness as they pose with their beautiful children at Sharingham.

"What impressed me the most was the energy of the family and of that between the Duke and Duchess. One sees how solid they are together and one gets a sense of their strong family values." (Testino)



This is the special moment _____(1) the world's most famous photographer captured the world's most famous family as they celebrated the "wonderful" day of _____(2) daughter's christening.

Standing in the garden of Sharingham House, dappled in sunlight and smiling broadly _____(3) the camera, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge share an intimate family portrait taken _____(4) Mario Testino of the couple with their two children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte.

As little George plays with _____(5) lock of his dark blond hair, his baby sister, dressed _____(6) the royal christening gown, looks alert and on the verge _____(7) a smile. The fact _____(8) the children are calm is a testament to the winning ways of the photographer, _____(9) managed to get the best out of them despite a few tears earlier in the day.


The picture was _____(10) of four beautiful official portraits taken by Mario immediately _____(11) Charlotte's christening service _____(12) the nearby St Mary Magdalene Church. As well _____(13) a formal portrait of the royal family _____(14) the Duchess's family, the Middletons, Mario also took individual pictures of the proud parents, including a lovely snapshot of Kate cradling her daughter and another of William and George.

Releasing the photos _____(15) Twitter, Kensington Palace said: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambrige and their whole family had a wonderful day...They are very happy _____(16) share these photograps and hope that everyone enjoys them as much as they _____(17)."



Mario Testino, who had arrived at the Norfolk estate _____(18) helicopter, said later: "Photographing Princess Charlotte's christening was _____(19) amazing experience. What impressed me the _____(20) was the energy of the family and of that _____(21) the Duke and Duchess. One sees how solid they are together and one gets a sense of their strong family values."

"It was incredible to be able to document four generations of the British royal family _____(22) - the monarch and three heirs to the thone - and very heart warming to see the close relationship between _____(23) all.

Much has been made of the positioning of family members in the formal group portrait, taken in the drawing room at Sharingham after the 45-minute church service, _____(24) was attended by just 21 guests. The photo shows Kate _____(25) the centre, seated on a sofa with nine-week-old Charlotte on her lap, with William and George on one side and the Queen on the _____(26). Behind them are _____(27) Middletons - Michael, Pippa, James and Carole _____(28) the left, and the royals - the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duke of Edinburgh - on the right. The two families have swapped sides from the official picture of George's christening, and grandmother Carole, it was noted, has moved to central position. In the background hang portraits of two other Princesses - the daughters of Edward VII and Queen Alexandra, Princess Victoria and Maud.


Perhaps the most spontaneous of the four portraits is the _____(29) and white shot of William and George who is caught giving a big, toothy grin - his first for an official picture.

Gorgeous George, who turns two this month, had displayed typical toddler behaviour for his sister's big day, waving to crowds, throwing stones, treading on his father's feet, peering _____(30) her pram and, at one point, having a little cry. But by the time he was back at "Nanny's house" - as William could be heard describing the Queen's Sandringham residence to his son - and scooped up in his father's arms for their picture, the tears had dried and he gave his most winning smile.

(Adapted from the British Press, photos by Mario Testino)



captured by= megörökítve, megörökítette:XY

to capture= lekap, megörökít

to pose= pózol

portrait= portré

to take pictures of= képeket készít valamiről/vkiről

snapshot= pillanatfelvétel

to release= nyilvánosságra hoz

to share= megoszt

positioning= elhelyezés

group portrait= csoportkép

in the centre= középen

seated on a sofa= kanapén ülve

on sy's lap= az ölében

on one side= egyik oldalon

on the other side= a másik oldalon

behind them= mögöttük

on the left= a bal oldalon

on the right= a jobb oldalon

have swapped sides= helyet cseréltek

to move to central position= középre, központi helyre kerül

in the background= a háttérben

to hang= lóg (kép a falon)

spontaneous= spontán

black and white= fekete-fehér

shot= felvétel, kép

be caught= lekapták, lefotózták

toothy grin= százfogas vigyor



christening= keresztelő

to radiate= sugárzik

dappled= tarkítva

broadly= szélesen

Duke and Duchess= a Herceg és a Hercegnő

lock= hajfürt

gown= itt:csipkepólya, alkalmi palást/köntös

alert= élénk

on the verge of= valaminek a határán van, majdnem

testament= bizonyítéka vminek

the winning ways of= a megnyerő stílusa

despite= vmi ellenére

christening service= keresztelő szertartás/Istentisztelet

cradling= ringatván

to impress sy= lenyűgöz vkit

solid= szilárd

one gets a sense of= az embernek olyan érzete támad, hogy

values= értékek, értékrend

heirs to the throne= trónörökösök

heart warming= szívmelengető

drawing room= szalon, társalgó

was attended by= részt vettek rajta, jelen voltak

gorgeous= elbűvölő

turns two= két éves lesz

toddler behaviour= totyogó baba viselkedés

to wave to= integet vkinek

to tread on= rátapos

to peer into= bekukucskál

pram= babakocsi

to scoop up= felkap, felvesz (gyereket a karjába)



3. INTO 13. AS 23. THEM
4. BY 14. WITH 24. WHICH
5. A 15. ON 25. IN
6. IN 16. TO 26. OTHER
7. OF 17. DO 27. THE
8. THAT 18. BY 28. ON
9. WHO 19. AN 29. BLACK
10. ONE 20. MOST 30. INTO


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