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Piroska és a farkas ANGOLUL - MESÉK és szókincsbővítés

2018. október 16. - EnglishOnline

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Little Red-Cap / Little Red Riding Hood

A mesék nyelvezete nem is olyan könnyű, mint azt sokan gondolnák. Ellenben rengeteget lehet tanulni belőlük. Nem csak a történet tanulságát, hanem egy rakat hasznos szókincs elemet is. Próbáld csak ki! Helyezd vissza a jól ismert Grimm-mese, a Piroska és a farkas angol nyelvű történetébe a következő 20 kifejezést! (Ajánlott: középhaladó szinttől) A kékkel szedett nehezebb szavak jelentését rájuk kattintva éred el. Kellemes angolozást!

apron= kötény

beast= vadállat

blooming= virágzik

bushes= bokrok

cottage= vidéki ház, kunyhó

drew (draw drew drawn)= húz

gobbled up= felfalta

grow (grow grew grown)= nő

knocked at= kopogtatott

latch= retesz

lay (lie lay lain + lying)= feküdt

malicious= gonosz

pleased= boldog, elégedett

satisfied his appetite= jóllakott, kielégítette az étvágyát

snore= horkol

straight= egyenes(en)

strengthening= erősítő, erőt adó

velvet= bársony

weak= gyenge

wondered= tűnődött, csodálkozott

Once upon a time there lived a sweet little girl, who was beloved by every one who saw her; but her grandmother was so excessively fond of her that she never knew when she had thought and done enough of her.

One day the grandmother presented the little girl with a red __________(1) cap; and as it fitted her very well, she would never wear anything else; and so she was called Little Red-Cap. One day her mother said to her "Come, Red-Cap, here is a piece of nice meat, and a bottle of wine: take these to your grandmother; she is ill and __________(2), and will relish them. Make haste before she gets up; go quietly and carefully; and do not run, lest you should fall and break the bottle, and then your grandmother will get nothing. When you go into her room, do not forget to say 'Good morning;' and do not look about in all the corners." "I will do everything as you wish," replied Red-Cap, taking her mother's hand.

The grandmother dwelt far away in the wood, half an hour's walk from the village, and as Little Red-Cap entered among the trees, she met a wolf; but she did not know what a __________(3) __________(4) it was, and so she was not at all afraid. "Good day, Little Red-Cap," he said.

"Many thanks, Wolf," said she.

"Whither away so early, Little Red-Cap?"

"To my grandmother's," she replied.

"What are you carrying under your __________(5)?"

"Meat and wine," she answered. "Yesterday we baked the meat, that grandmother, who is ill and weak, might have something nice and __________(6)."

"Where does your grandmother live?" asked the Wolf.

"A good quarter of an hour's walk further in the forest. The __________(7) stands under three great oak-trees; near it are some nut __________(8), by which you will easily know it."

But the Wolf thought to himself, "She is a nice tender thing, and will taste better than the old woman: I must act craftily, that I may snap them both up."

Presently he came up again to Little Red-Cap, and said, "Just look at the beautiful flowers which __________(9) around you! I believe you don't hear how beautifully the birds sing. You walk on as if you were going to school; see how merry everything is around you in the forest."

So Little Red-Cap opened her eyes and when she saw how the sunbeams glanced and danced through the trees, and what spendid flowers were __________(10) in her path, she thought, "If I take my grandmother a fresh nosegay she will be very __________(11); and it is so very early that I can, even then, get there in good time;" and running into the forest she looked about for flowers. But when she had once begun she did not know how to leave off, and kept going deeper and deeper among the trees in search of some more beautiful flowers. The Wolf, however, ran __________(12) to the house of the old grandmother, and __________(13) the door.

"Who's there?" asked the old lady. 

"Only Little Red-Cap, bringing you some meat and wine: please open the door," replied the Wolf.

"Lift up the __________(14)," cried the grandmother; "I am too weak to get up."

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So the Wolf lifted the latch, and the door flew open; and jumping without a word on the bed, he __________(15) the poor old lady. Then he put on her clothes, and tied her cap over his head; got into the bed; and __________(16) the blankets over him. All this time Red-Cap was still gathering flowers; and when she had plucked as many as she could carry, remembered her grandmother, and made haste to the cottage. She __________(17) very much to see the door wide open; and when she got into the room, she began to feel very ill, and exclaimed, "How sad I feel! I wish I had not come today." Then she said "Good morning", but received no answer; so she went up to the bed, and drew back the curtains, and there __________(18) her grandmother, as she thought, with the cap drawn half over her eyes, looking very fierce.

"Oh grandmother, what great ears you have!"

"The better to hear with," was the reply.

"And what great eyes you have!"

"The better to see with."

"And what great hands you have!"

"The better to touch you with."

"But, grandmother, what great teeth you have!"

"The better to eat you with;" and scarcely were the words out of his mouth, when the Wolf made a spring out of bed, and swallowed up poor Little Red-Cap.

As soon as the Wolf had thus __________(19), he laid himself down again in the bed, and began to __________(20) very loudly. A huntsman passing by overheard him and thought, "How loudly the old woman snores! I must see if she wants anything."

So he stepped into the cottage; and when he came to the bed, he saw the Wolf lying in it. "What? Do I find you here, you old sinner? I have long sought you," exclaimed he; and taking aim with his gun, he shot the old Wolf dead.


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