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Reklamáltál már valaha ha problémád akadt egy szolgáltató céggel? Vagy nem igazán hinnéd, hogy valódi lépést tesznek az ügyedben? Valójában nagyon is fontos a véleményed - s így te magad is - nekik. Olvasd el mi mindent vesz stratégiájába egy sikeres és jó hírű szervezet, hogy megtartsa vásárlóit és ügyfeleit, majd oldd meg ezt az IGAZ/HAMIS állításos szövegértés feladatot.


Dealing well with complaints shows how important customer care is for your company. It shows that you listen to your customers, that you want to learn from your mistakes and that you are continually trying to improve your services.

Below are some tips for dealing with complaints.



If you deal with a complaint in the wrong way, one unhappy customer may tell many more people about your poor service. On the other hand, if you deal with a complaint successfully, that customer will probably do business with you again. Remember that finding new customers is much more expensive than keeping current ones.


Listen carefully to your callers and let them get rid of their anger and frustration. Try to see things from their point of view and make sure you show them that you understand their problem.


If the customer thinks something is a complaint, then it is, even if you think the problem is not important. If your company has really made a mistake, say so and apologize. Even if you think a mistake has not been made, show the customer that you understand the problem. Never tell the customer that the complaint is not important.


Even if you are not directly responsible for the mistake, it is not important for the customer whose fault it really is. You are the face of your organization and it is your responsibility to solve the problem. If you are not able to do so yourself, find the person who can. Make sure you support the customer until the right person can help.


Customers want their problems solved quickly. Acting fast shows customers that you take them and their problems seriously.


If possible, try to compensate customers for a mistake, e.g. by giving a small discount. Often the fact that you are giving some kind of compensation is more important than the compensation itself.


This may sound illogical, but complaints are the best feedback you can get. They show how you can improve your service and make your customers more satisfied.
(Adapted from Quick Training)

Mark the statements true (T) or false (F).

1. Companies solely deal with complaints in order not to lose customers.
2. It is just as easy to find a new customer as keeping one.
3. If you deal with a customer complaint well, they'll tell their friends about it.
4. Showing empathy is very important when customers turn to you with their problems.
5. In case your company in fact has not made a mistake, you should not take the complaint seriously.
6. Companies do not have to express they were wrong (even if it's true), but it is polite to say sorry.
7. It is crucial to find the person responsible for the given problem and sort it out with their help.
8. Act as fast as you can so that customers won't take actions against you faster.
9. The bigger the compensation the better.
10. As a representative of the company, you should communicate to the customer that you are grateful for constructive criticism.


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Angol tanulás online és offline, akárhol vagy bárhol! :) Nyelvtanulás és szórakozás egy helyen!

Feleletválasztós feladat, amivel elfoglalhatod magad, míg végre megszületik

Kate és William második gyermeke!

Felcsigázott várakozás és a születendő hercegnő nevére vonatkozó találgatások jellemzik Katalin hercegnő terhességének utolsó napjait. A királyi udvar katonás rendben várja a trónörökös George kishúgának érkezését, mindent magas szinten megszerveztek már az udvarban a fogadtatására. Rengetegen magas összegekkel fogadnak arra, hogy nevezik majd el. Szerinted Elisabeth lesz vagy Alice? Esetleg valami más? Találgatás közben oldd meg ezt a királyi gyermekáldás előkészületeiről szóló feleletválasztós (multiple choice) feladatot! Mire végzel, már itt is a baby!


As speculation grows about the royal baby name William and Kate plan for the imminent arrival of the second child with military precision

The _______(1) of Cambrige was adjusting to life as the new boy last week as he started training for his post as an air ambulance helicopter __________(2) in Norfolk. Prince William is taking part in the mandatory programme before he can take to the skies as a fully fledged member of East Anglian Air Ambulance Service.

That he's carrying out his training now is a __________(3) indicator that Prince William is also on a mission to get his affairs in order before _________(4) on his other new role this month- that of a father of __________(5). Indeed, it is with the precision one might expect of a former military officer that he has arranged these ________(6) weeks leading up to the birth of his second __________(7).

William started his air-ambulance training just three days after a radiant ___________(8) of Cambridge, having completed a packed schedule of official engagements in recent weeks, began her well-earned __________(9) leave.

___________(10) the baby has arrived, it will be the Duke's turn to take some time out - a ___________(11) for Bond Air Services, William's employer, said he will be entitled to paternity _________(12). It is expected he will take the allotted two weeks, during which time he'll only be responding to daddy __________(13).

The fact that William is currenly posted at Norwich - around 40 miles __________(14) the couple's country house Anmer Hall, _________(15) Kate is expected to spend most of her time both now and once the baby has ________(16) - means he can be on hand _________(17) his wife as the big day approaches - another example _________(18) his stategic planning.



No __________(19) the Duke has also been thinking about baby names - and he's not the only one. After weeks of Elisabeth being clear ____________(20) for a girl, last week the betting changed ____________(21), with a surge of wagers on Alice.

_____________(22) William Hill slashed the name's odds from 14-1 to 2-1 after "a significant number of _____________(23)" on the name, particularly in the Tonbridge area of Kent.

"One punter has had 500 pounds on Kate _____________(24) her girl Alice," spokesman Rupert Adams tells newspapers.. "We believe the link could be that Kate wrote a dissertation __________(25) Lewis Carroll ________(26) university and of course, his most famous book was Alice in _________(27).

There have been a number of Alices in the royal family since the 19th century, including the second daughter of Queen Victoria and the wife of the _________(28) Duke of Gloucester, the Queen's uncle.

Meanwhile, police __________(29) planning to erect barriers outside the Lindo Wing of London's St Mary's Hospital, where Kate ____________(30) birth to Prince George in 2013, from mid-April for the world's press.


/Adapted from the British Press/

Érdekelnek az angolos videók?

 IRATKOZZ FEL az ANGOL VLOGyoutube_even_smaller.pngnyelvoktató csatornámra!

Válaszd ki a szöveglyukakba a helyes opciót!

1. a) Prince b) Duke c) King

2. a) captain b) driver c) pilot

3. a) clear b) clean c) nice

4. a) take b) took c) taking

5. a) both b) two c) twice

6. a) latest b) late c) final

7. a) child b) children c) heir

8. a) Queen b) Princess c) Duchess

9. a) mother's b) Godmother's c) maternity

10. a) Once b) First c) One time

11. a) speaker b) presenter c) spokesman

12. a) time b) leave c) holiday

13. a) duties b) orders c) calls

14. a) from b) of c) away

15. a) which b) when c) where

16. a) born b) came c) arrived

17. a) with b) to c) for

18. a) of b) for c) to

19. a)wonder b) fear c) doubt

20. a) favourite b) popular c) fashionable

21. a) unluckily b) suddenly c) lately

22. a) Bookmark b) Bookworm c) Bookmaker

23. a) bets b) guesses c) clues

24. a) naming b) calling c) asking

25. a) of b) about c) on

26. a) for b) in c) at

27. a) Wonderworld b) Wonderland c) Wonderfield

28. a) late b) lately c) later

29. a) is b) are c) has been 

30. a) has b) gave c) brought



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Angol tanulás online és offline, akárhol vagy bárhol! :) Nyelvtanulás és szórakozás egy helyen!

Hailed an inspiration for her brave decision

ANGELINA JOLIE reveals she has had further surgery to

beat the cancer that claimed her mother's life

A nemzetközi sajtó tele van Angelina legutóbbi műtétjével, melynek tanulságos részleteit a New York Timesban is felfedte, hogy eljusson üzenete a vele hasonló rákkal szembenéző nőkhöz.

Egyszerűen nem találni olyan nyelvvizsgát, amelynek ne volna szövegértés része, ráadásul eléggé súlyozottan is szerepel ez a típusú feladat a nyelvvizsgán. Az olyan cikkeket dolgozok fel neked, ami téged is jobban érdekel és tele van vele a média. Olvasd el a cikket és próbáld először az IGAZ/HAMIS állításos feladatot megoldani a cikk végén. Ha gondot okozott egy-két idegen szó, csak ezek után nézd meg a szószedetet.



Angelina Jolie has revealed that she has endured a second round of surgery in a bid to prevent cancer - and her decision to speak out once again about her personal medical history has been praised by experts as helping to save lives.


Last week, an article written by the Oscar-winning star appeared in The New York Times, in which she explained that she has had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to avoid developing ovarian cancer - and as a result, she is undergoing the menopause and will not be able to have any more children.

Doctors were quick to salute her for the article, saying it would help focus attention on ovarian cancer.

Gynaecological oncologist Dr Antoinette Sakaris said: "Ovarian cancer is less well known (than breast cancer) and less commented on. Improving that is crucial. I think this could save lives.

Two years ago, Angelina, who has six children with husband Brad Pitt - three of whom were adopted - underwent a double mastectomy after discovering that she has the BRCA1 gene fault that greatly increases the chances of contracting breast and ovarian cancer. She lost her mother, aunt and grandmother to the disease.

In her New York Times piece, headlined Angelina Jolie Pitt: Diary of a Surgery, the 39-year-old actress and film-maker revealed that she has always planned to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed after her mastectomy, but because the surgery has such severe effect on a woman's body, she had hoped to have more time to plan for the operation.

Unfortunately, she heard in early March that an annual blood test has showed up markers that can indicate early signs of cancer - leaving Angelina with an anxious five-day wait to learn whether she had already developed the disease.

"I went through what I imagine thousands of other women have felt," she wrote. "I told myself to stay calm, to be strong and that I had no reason to think I wouldn't live to see my children grow up and to meet my grandchildren".



Luckily, she had stong support. "I called my husband in France, who was on a plane within hours. The beautiful thing about such moments in life is that there is so much clarity. You know what you live for and what matters."

She said that it was hard to carry on as she waited for the results of further tests. "I passed those five days in a haze, attending my children (Zahara and Shiloh)'s soccer game, and working to stay calm and focused.

After being told the happy news that she was cancer free, Angelina decided to undergo the next stage of her surgery immediately. "Regardless of the hormone replacements I'm taking, I am now in menopause," she revealed. "I will not be able to have any more children and I expect some physical changes. But I feel at is nothing to be feared. 

After revealing her double mastectomy in 2013, the actress was praised by medical experts for putting the spotlight on preventative cancer surgery, helping other women with gene faults to make this difficult decision. But last week, Angelina took pains to ensure that readers knew there were other options to surgery.


"I did not do this solely because I carry the BRCA1 gene mutation and I want other women to know this," she said. "A positive BRCA test does not mean a leap to surgery. There are other options...In my case, the doctors I met agreed that surgery was the best option, because on top of the BRCA gene, three women in my family died from cancer."

She added that the surgery did not guarantee that she would never develop cancer. "It is not possible to remove all risk, and the fact is I remain prone to cancer. I will look for natural ways to strengthen my immune system. I feel feminine, and grounded in the choices I am making for myself and my family. I know my children will never have to say, 'My mom died of ovarian cancer.'"

(Adapted from the British Press)

 IRATKOZZ FEL az ANGOL VLOGyoutube_even_smaller.pngnyelvoktató csatornámra!

Read the article about Angelina Jolie and mark the statements TRUE (T) of FALSE (F).


1. Angelina has had another surgery because the first one wasn't successful.

2. Doctors aren't happy to learn that Angelina breaks medical secrecy about her state of health.

3. The actress has had an operation because she wants no more children.

4. The gynaecological expert remarked that breast cancer is better known than ovarian cancer, which should be different.

5. Angelina has never been able to give birth so her husband Brad Pitt and she decided to adopt six children.

6. Three of Angelina's family members died of ovarian cancer.

7. Angelina appreciates that she has a husband whose first priority is obviously his family.

8. Angelina was absolutely unable to take part in any events as she was too worried waiting for her medical test results.

9. Angelina is now relieved that she knows she no longer has to live in fear of getting cancer.

10. As Angelina puts it, preventative cancer surgery means that you undergo an operation because you have no choice.



to hail= eláraszt, rázúdít

brave= bátor

to beat= legyőz

to claim= követel

to endure= kiáll, elszenved

in a bid to= valami megkísérlésére

to praise= dícsér

ovaries= petefészek

fallopian tubes= petevezetékek

ovarian cancer= petefészekrák

to undergo= keresztülmegy

menopause= klimax

to salute= üdvözöl, tiszteleg

gynaecological oncologist= nőgyógyász onkológus (rákspecialista)

well-known= ismert

to improve that= javítani ezen

crucial= létfontosságú, kritikusan fontos

double mastectomy= mindkét mell eltávolítása

gene fault= hibás gén

to increase= növekszik

annual blood test= éves véreredmény

marker= jel

to indicate= mutat, jelez

to contract= betegséget megkap

headlined= főcímmel

diary= napló

to reveal= felfed, feltár, elmond

to remove= eltávolít

severe= komoly, súlyos

cancer= rák

to develop= kifejlődik benne

disease= betegség

reason= ok, indok

support= támogatás, segítség

within hours= pár órán belül

clarity= világosság, egyértelműség

to matter= számít

to carry on= kitart

results of further tests= további vizsgálatok eredményei

to pass= sikerülnek a vizsgálatok, pozitív eredményeket kap  

haze= szellemi zűrzavar, homály 

to attend= elmegy eseményre, részt vesz

soccer= foci

the next stage= a következő szint, lépés

surgery= operáció 

immediately= azonnal

regardless of= tekintet nélkül vmire

replacements= pótló tabletták

to take= szed gyógyszert 

I feel at ease= megkönnyebbültem

it is nothing to be feared= ettől nem kell/nincs miért tartanom

spotlight= reflektorfény

preventative= megelőző

make a decision= döntést hoz

take pains to ensure= veszi a fáradságot/azon fáradozik, hogy megbizonyosodjon róla

solely= csupán, mindössze

to carry= hordoz

gene muatation= gén mutáció

a leap to= ugrás valahová

on top of sg= ráadásul vmire/nem elég, hogy... mé

to add= hozzátesz

to guarantee= garantál

risk= kockázat

remain prone to= hajlamos marad

to strengthen= megerősít

immune system= immunrendszer

feminine= nőies

grounded= bizonyos, biztos, szilárd, megfontolt, megalapozott


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WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER? Memory QUIZ and vocabulary in English!

Angol tanulás online és offline, akárhol vagy bárhol! :) Nyelvtanulás és szórakozás egy helyen!

To find out how good your memory is,

take this quick test!

Mire emlékszel? Mennyire jó a hosszú- és rövidtávú memóriád? Teszteld magad ezzel 14 pontos összetett memóriakvízzel - angolul! Ha valamit nem értesz, csekkold a szószedetet a cikk végén!


MEMORY CHECK (memória felmérés/vizsgálat)

1. Write down the date, month and year.

2. Look once only at the words below then cover them up. When you have finished all the questions here, write down from memory what the three words are: ORANGE, TELEVISION, CUSHION.

3.Without looking at your watch, write what time you think it is. Then look at your watch and write down the actual time.

4. What are the names of the last five Hungarian Prime Ministers?

5. Can you remember the address of the last place that you lived?

6. Can you recall what you were doing on each of the previous seven evenings?

7. Have people told you that you repeat yourself in conversation, or have you found yourself doing this?

8. Are you aware that people are getting irritated with you because you have forgotten something?

9. Do you ever return from shopping to find you have forgotten an essential item?

10. Do you find it increasingly difficult to follow directions?

11. Do you get lost in places that you have visited frequently?

12. Do you have trouble recalling words, even though you know that you know them?

13. Do you misplace things practically every day?

14. Are your memory difficulties impinging on your work or social life- e.g. do you sometimes avoid people because you cannot remember their names?

Now, without looking back, write down the three words you memorised earlier.

YOUR SCORE (a pontszámod)

1. Give yourself 1 point for remembering the exact date.

2. Give yourself 1 point for each of the words you remembered correctly.

3. If the difference between your guessed time and the actual time is less than 30 minutes, give yourself 1 point; if the difference is more than 30 minutes, score zero.

4. Award yourself 1 point for each Prime Minister named correctly, they do not have to be in order- Viktor Orbán, Gordon Bajnai, Ferenc Gyurcsány, Péter Medgyessy, Gyula Horn.

5. Give yourself 1 point for remembering your last address.

6. Give yourself 1 point if you answered YES.

7-14. Give yourself 1 point for every NO answer.

THE RESULT (az eredményed)

16-20: Your memory is fine and you show no signs of memory loss.

15-12: You may have some memory difficulties. If they persist and are causing you inconvenience or make you inefficient or embarrassed, you might want to talk to your GP about it.

11 or less: Your result suggests some memory impairment and you need to visit your GP for advice.

(Adapted from the British Press)

GLOSSARY (szószedet):

the date= a pontos dátum/nap

below= lent, alant

to cover them up= letakar

from memory= emlékezetből

cushion= díszpárna

the actual= a tényleges, tulajdonképpeni, valós

Prime Minister= miniszterelnök

to recall= felidéz

previous= előző, korábbi

to repeat yourself= ismétli magát

to find yourself doing this= azon kapja/fogja magát, hogy ezt csinálja

to be aware= tudatában van

irritated= bosszús, felbosszantott

to return= visszatér

essential item= létfontosságú/rendkívül fontos árucikk

increasingly= növekvően, egyre (inkább)

to follow directions= útbaigazítást (megjegyezve) követni

to get lost= eltévedni

frequently= gyakran

trouble= gond, probléma

even though= habár, még akkor is, ha...

to misplace= elhány, rossz helyre rak vissza

practically= gyakorlatilag

to impinge on= hatással lenni valamire

to avoid= elkerülni

earlier= korábban, az imént

exact= pontos

each= minden egyes

to remember correctly= jól emlékszik

the difference between= a különbség 2 dolog közt

guessed= tippelt

less than= kevesebb mint

to score= pontoz

award yourself= díjazd/ajándékozd magad/adj magadnak

do not have to= nem kell

in order= sorrendben

fine= kiváló(an)

no signs= nincsenek jelei

memory loss= memóriavesztés/-veszteség

difficulties= nehézségek

to persist= huzamosan fennáll/fennmarad

to cause= okoz

inconvenience= kellemetlenség

inefficient= nem hatékony

embarrassed= kínosan érzi magát

GP= general practitioner= háziorvos

to suggest= sugall

impairment= károsodás, gyengülés

to need to do sg= szüksége van valamire

for advice= tanácsért


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Mi lehet ínycsiklandozóbb mint a gasztronómia, a budapesti turizmus és az angolozás? Hát, mindezek egy "3 in 1 cocktail"-ba keverve! A szószedetet a cikk végén találod!

The recent history of the Fisherman’s Bastion Restaurant began on 23 September, 2010, when after several years of renovation, it once again opened its doors.


Fisherman’s Bastion, as part of the Buda Castle District, has been a World Heritage site since 1987.  Restored according to the original designs of architect Frigyes Schulek, and now outfitted with state-of-the-art gastronomic facilities, the beautifully renovated establishment covers over 1800 square meters and offers patrons an unforgettable experience in a unique setting.

The Fisherman’s Bastion Restaurant is open year-round with a variety of services. It offers comfortable seating for 120 people on two floors – each of the tables offer a magnificent view of the acclaimed Budapest panorama. There’s also an observation terrace above the restaurant, where restaurant patrons can admire the full view while sipping their drinks.


The menu consists of innovative Hungarian dishes, such as Venison goulash with tarragon, Mangalitza spare ribs and Somló sponge cake trifle. Their mission is to revive the most beautiful traditions of Hungarian gastronomy, presenting them in their very own, distinct style. The wine list includes more than 150 types of wine, most of them from the great Hungarian wine regions, along with some excellent foreign wines. Expert sommeliers will help you in choosing the most fitting wine for your dish.

Every afternoon, guests can sit back and relax to the tunes of a Gypsy band playing international and Hungarian favourites. Whether for a full-course meal or just for sipping a glass of wine, the Fisherman’s Bastion Restaurant is the place to be.

The Danube Terrace awaits its guests from the end of March until the start of autumn with cold and hot dishes, from 10am to 10pm (depending on the weather). An excellent venue for intimate evening dinners and wine tasting, rounded out by a wonderful panorama of Budapest provides an unforgettable experience for Hungarian and foreign guests alike(Adapted from Funzine)



wine and dine= borozz és étkezz/vacsorázz

World Heritage site= Világörökség helyszín

restored= helyreállítva, renoválva

outfitted= felszerelve, ellátva

state-of-the-art= legkorszerűbb

establishment= létesítmény

to cover= lefed, szétterül valamekkora területen

square meters= négyzetméter

setting= helyszín, környezet

year-round= egész évben

seating= ülőhely

to offer a magnificent view= fenséges látványt nyújt

acclaimed= híres, elismert

observation= kilátó

patrons= vendégek, kuncsaftok

to admire= csodál,gyönyörködik

sipping= szürcsölvén

to consist of= áll valamiből

Venison= szarvashús

tarragon= tárkony

spare ribs= sertésborda

Somló sponge cake trifle= somlói galuska

to revive= életre kelt

in their very own, distinct style= a maga egyedi, jellegzetes módján elkészítve

to include= tartalmaz

sommelier= borszakértő

the most fitting wine for your dish= az ételedhez leginkább illő bor

to the tunes of= dallamaira, melódiáira

full-course meal= több fogásos vacsora/ebéd

to await= vár

venue= helyszín

wine tasting= borkóstoló

rounded out by= kiegészülve

to provide= nyújt

alike= egyaránt


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Angol tanulás online és offline, akárhol vagy bárhol! :) Nyelvtanulás és szórakozás egy helyen!



Be proud of Budapest! Légy büszke a fővárosunkra és tudj elmondani néhány dolgot a legnépszerűbb látványosságokról, ha egy turista megkérdez.

Segítségedre lehet a BUDAPEST GUIDE első része: a Budai Vár!
Összegyűjtöttem a 10+1 legfontosabb érdekességet a palotáról, íme:

(A szöveg szószedetét a cikk alján találod majd.)



1) After the Mongol Invasion in the 13th century King Béla IV had a fortress built at the southern end of Castle Hill.

2) The first palace on its site was built in the 14th century by Prince Stephen of Anjou from the Angevin House.

3) Great period of constructions came under the reign of King Matthias (Mátyás) Hunyadi who had most of the Gothic buildings rebuilt in Italian Renaissance Style.

4) During the Turkish occupation (1541-1686) the pasha of Buda did not move into the palace, instead, he established his residence near the present Dance Theatre and used the palace building as gunpowder depot, arsenals, and barracks. As a result, gunpowder explosions devastated the palace buildings almost completely.

6) There used to be a private royal chapel built in the palace during the reign of Maria Theresa.

7) Joseph II gave part of the palace to the Mary Ward's nuns in the 18th century and then to the University of Nagyszombat, the middle-wing tower was also transformed into an observatory for the university.

8) By the end of the 18th century it became the residence of the Habsburgs, but during the siege of the Castle in 1849 it partly burnt down.

9) Miklos Ybl, the best architect of the 19th century was commissioned to enlarge the palace who built a Baroque ground-plan and construction works were finished by Alajos Hauszmann.

9) During WWII the Castle burnt to the ground.

10) In the late 1950s the Royal Palace was transformed into a cultural centre and at present it houses The Collections of the Hungarian National Gallery, The Budapest History Museum, The excavations and Gothic statues of the Medieval Castle and the National Széchenyi Library.

+1) It's been part of the WORLD HERITAGE since 1987.



Mongol Invasion= tatárjárás

fortress= erőd

reign= uralkodás

occupation= megszállás

gunpowder depot= lőszer/puskapor raktár

explosions= robbanások

chapel= kápolna

nun= apáca

observatory= csillagvizsgáló

siege= ostrom

to be commissioned= megbízták valamivel

excavations= ásatások

statue= szobor

medieval= középkori

World Heritage= Világörökség (UNESCO)



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pl. a mostanában világszerte megdöbbenést kiváltott


Még az is lehet, hogy egy lépéssel naprakészebb lehetsz, ha eredeti nyelven olvasod a legfrissebb információkat. A repüléssel kapcsolatos szókincset LILÁVAL, a cikk egyéb, megértést segítő kifejezéseit PIROSSAL, a Germanwings gép részeit SÁRGÁVAL szedve találod a cikk végén.

The co-pilot of the Germanwings flight that crashed in the French Alps, named as Andreas Lubitz, appeared to want to "destroy the plane", officials said.


He intentionally started a descent while the pilot was locked out.

Mr Robin said there was "absolute silence in the cockpit" as the pilot fought to re-enter it.

He said air traffic controllers made repeated attempts to contact the aircraft, but to no avail. Passengers could be heard screaming just before the crash, he added.

Details are emerging of the German co-pilot's past - although his apparent motives for causing the crash remain a mystery.

Mr Lubitz, 27, had undergone intensive training and "was 100% fit to fly without any caveats", according to Carsten Spohr, the head of Lufthansa, the German carrier that owns Germanwings.

Mr Spohr said Mr Lubitz's training had been interrupted for several months six years ago, but did not say why.

The training was resumed after "the suitability of the candidate was re-established", he said.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel told reporters that the co-pilot's apparent actions had given the tragedy a "new, simply incomprehensible dimension".

Police have been searching the co-pilot's home in Montabaur, near Frankfurt, as well as a flat he kept in Duesseldorf.

The Airbus 320 from Barcelona to Duesseldorf hit a mountain, killing all 144 passengers and six crew, after an eight-minute descent.


Andreas Lubitz: Germanwings co-pilot under scrutiny


  • Started training in 2008, at Bremen and Arizona. Training was interrupted for some months - but he later passed all tests and was deemed fit to fly

  • Working as co-pilot, or first officer, since 2013. Appeared pleased with his job

  • Lived in town of Montabaur, near Frankfurt, reportedly with his parents. Kept a flat in Duesseldorf and had many friends

  • Facebook profile suggests the active lifestyle of a keen runner, with an interest in pop music

"We hear the pilot ask the co-pilot to take control of the plane and we hear at the same time the sound of a seat moving backwards and the sound of a door closing," Mr Robin told reporters.

He said the pilot, named in the German media as Patrick Sondenheimer, had probably gone to the toilet.

"At that moment, the co-pilot is controlling the plane by himself. While he is alone, the co-pilot presses the buttons of the flight monitoring system to put into action the descent of the aeroplane.

"He operated this button for a reason we don't know yet, but it appears that the reason was to destroy this plane."

Meanwhile, online tracking service Flightradar24 said satellite data it had analysed found that someone had changed the plane's altitude from 38,000ft (11,582m) to 100ft - the minimum setting possible.

"Between 09:30:52 and 09:30:55 you can see that the autopilot was manually changed from 38,000ft to 100ft and nine seconds later the aircraft started to descend, probably with the 'open descent' autopilot setting," Flightradar24 chief Fredrik Lindahl was quoted as saying by Reuters.

Mr Lubitz was alive until the final impact, Mr Robin said. The prosecutor added that "the most plausible interpretation" was that the co-pilot had deliberately barred the pilot from re-entering the cockpit.

He added that the co-pilot was "not known by us" to have any links to extremism or terrorism.


Analysis: Richard Westcott, BBC transport correspondent


The focus now moves from the mechanics to the man flying the plane. An accident expert has told me the investigators will pore over the co-pilot's background and that of his family too.

Did he owe money? Was there a grudge? They'll look at his religion, whether he was in trouble with the law, whether he had a stable love life. This kind of event is rare but it has happened before, although the reasons vary widely.

After 9/11, they made cockpits impregnable. It keeps the terrorists out, but in the end it also allows someone to keep their colleagues out too. Airlines have to make a call. Which is the bigger threat - terrorism or suicide?

Passengers were not aware of the impending crash "until the very last moment" when screams could be heard, Mr Robin said, adding that they died instantly.

After Thursday's revelations, several airlines have pledged to change their rules to ensure at least two crew members are present in the cockpit at all times.

Meanwhile, relatives and friends of the victims travelled to the Alpine region where the plane came down, near the town of Seyne-les-Alpes.

The disclosure of the likely cause of the crash has provoked anger.

"One person can't have the right to end the lives of hundreds of people and families," Esteban Rodriguez, a Spanish factory worker who lost two friends aboard the aircraft, told the Associated Press news agency.

The principal of a German high school that lost 16 pupils and two teachers in the crash said the latest news was "much, much worse than we had thought".

The second "black box" - that records flight data - has still not been found.


(Adapted from BBC)



co-pilot= másodpilóta

flight= járat

plane= repülő

voice-recorder= hangrögzítő

descent= süllyedés

cockpit= pilótafülke

air traffic controllers= légi közlekedés irányítók

aircraft= repülőgép

passengers= utasok

crash= repülőszerencsétlenség, becsapódás

fit to fly= repülésre alkalmas személy

carrier= anyavállalat

the/a crew= legénység, légiutaskísérő(k)

first officer= kapitány

to take control of= átveszi az irányítást vmi felett

seat= ülés

monitoring system= irányító rendszer

tracking= nyomkövető

altitude= magasság

ft=feet= láb, kb.30 cm

autopilot= robotpilóta

to descend= süllyed, ereszkedik

to fly a plane= repülőt vezet

to come down= lezuhan

aboard= a fedélzeten

black box= fekete doboz



intentionally= szándékosan

to lock out= kizárni

attempts= kísérlet, megkísérlése valaminek

to no avail= hiába

to emerge= felszínre kerül

apparent= látszólagos, állítólagos

to remain= maradni

to undergo= átesik, keresztülmegy

caveats= fenntartások, kikötések

had been interrupted= megszakadt, megszakították

to resume= folytat

suitability= alkalmasság

to be re-established= rendeződik, megállapítják

incomprehensible= felfoghatatlan

under scrutiny= górcső alatt

training= kiképzés

to pass tests= átmegy a teszteken/vizsgá(lato)kon

to be deemed= valamilyennek ítélték/tekintették

to appear= tűnik vmilyennek

to be pleased with sg= meg van valamivel elégedve

to suggest= sugallni

reportedly= a jelentések szerint

a keen runner= lelkes/intenzív/hobbi futó

by himself= egymaga

to put into action= elindít, működésbe hoz

to destroy= elpusztít, megsemmisít

satellite data= műholdas adatok

manually= manuálisan, kézzel

setting= beállítás

alive= életben,élve

chief= vezető

to quote= idézni

impact= becsapódás

prosecutor= ügyész

the most plausible interpretation= a legelfogadhatóbb értelmezés/magyarázat

deliberately= szánt szándékkal

to bar the pilot from doing sg= megakadályozta a pilótát abban, hogy

extremism= szélsőség

correspondent= tudósító

investigators= nyomozók

to pore over= belemélyed

to owe money= tartozni pénzzel

whether= hogy vajon...-e

the law= a törvény

grudge= neheztelés, harag, bosszú

rare= ritka

to vary= változik, változatos

9/11= September 11, 2001, az amerikai terrortámadás dátuma

impregnable= át/behatolhatatlan

threat= fenyegetés, veszély

suicide= öngyilkosság

to be aware of sg= tudatában van vminek

impending= közelgő, fenyegető

screams= sikolyok

instantly= azonnal

revelations= felfedezések

to pledge= fogadkozik

to ensure= biztosít

victims= áldozatok

disclosure= leleplezés

the likely cause= a valószínű ok

the right to= valamihez való jog

principal= igazgató

pupil= kisdiák

the latest= a legújabb, legfrissebb



livery= logó

fuselage= géptörzs

wheel= kerék

registration= rendszám

stabiliser= vízszintes vezérsík


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