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All you need to know about YOKO ONO - in a nutshell - ANGOL SZÖVEGÉRTÉS feladat

2018. április 24. - EnglishOnline

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Bizonyára a legismertebb japán nő, a legendás Beatles együttes lázadó John Lennon-jának második felesége volt (ma már Víg Özvegye) őkelme. John első fia, Julian Lennon csak Her Highness-ként (Őfelsége) emlegeti. Ha bővebben szeretnéd megtudni, hogy tett szert YOKO ONO erre a 'címre' oldd meg a következő angol szövegértés feladatot! A képen olvasható 12 szó maradt ki a szövegből, helyezd őket vissza a megfelelő helyre! Hajrá!



Yoko Ono was born the daughter of a banker and a classical pianist in Japan, and on her father's side she has a long line of __________(1) warriors in her blood. The family was very well-off for her youngest years but then came World War II and the fire bombings of Tokyo. Twelve-year-old Yoko ran to safety and took shelter in a bunker underneath the streets of Tokyo. After the smoke had faded away, Japan's economy faded as well and the Ono family was no exception. The family escaped to a mountain town, all their belongings in a wheelbarrow and they had to beg for food on the streets. Yoko's mother even traded an old sewing machine for a bag of rice so that they wouldn't __________(2). Yoko says this is what helped her to understand what it's like to be an outsider and how she developed her aggressive attitude towards the things she wants. Eleven years later, Yoko now 22, married a composer called Toshi, but after a messy divorce she ended up suffering from clinical __________(3) which was so severe that she was placed in a mental institution. Yoko married again to an American jazz musician named Anthony Cox who was instrumental in her release from the asylum. They had a daughter named Kyoko but the marriage quickly fell apart and Anthony changed Kyoko's name to Ruth and ran away with her while they were having a __________(4) battle over her. Eventually, Anthony won custody of Kyoko stating that Yoko was an unfit parent due to drug use. Yoko wouldn't see her daughter for 27 years. Later on Yoko hosted an art exhibit and lo and behold John Lennon showed up. Initially he wasn't very impressed with the art, but then he saw a ladder in the middle of the room and climbed to the top of it and saw just a simple word 'YES' written on the ceiling. He said it resonated with him because all art at that time that he had seen was 'anti this' and 'anti that' and this was a refreshing positive take on art. John and Yoko's friendship grew slowly. Cynthia, his wife at the time, asked him: "Who is this woman calling our house phone?" to which he replied "Oh, she's just calling to obtain money for her __________(5) bullshit". But Yoko was on John's mind. Yoko roughly translated means __________(6) and while John was writing his song Julia he even referred to her in it saying "Ocean child calls me". While Cynthia was away on vacation, John invited Yoko over to his house to do some recording. They recorded all night and as John put it, they made love at dawn. When Cynthia arrived back from holiday, she saw Yoko Ono sitting at her table wearing only Cynthia's white robe, drinking tea with her husband, to which John only said "Oh, hey!". They divorced shortly after that. John and Yoko married and the news dragged her through the mud. There wasn't anything like it. They called her names like __________(7), a 'succubus', a 'gold digger'. Yoko and John's relationship began to shrink under the pressure of his looming deportation from the US and her inability to track down her daughter Kyoko. John travelled back and forth to New York and LA with his assistant and friend May Pang. While in California, he decided that he wanted to buy a house with May Pang and stopped picking up Yoko Ono's calls to him. Yoko eventually tracked John down and convinced him to come back to her stating that she had found a cure for her smoking __________(8). John returned to New York with Yoko and May Pang called "What the hell is going on, where are you?" and Yoko responded to her on the phone: "John is unavailable. He is too exhausted from his __________(9) sessions." Two days later May ran into John serendipitously at a dentist's office. She said he looked stupefied and confused to an extent that May Pang thought John Lennon had been brainwashed. John told her there that his separation from Yoko was now over but Yoko would allow her to see John as a mistress. People started to notice that Yoko was now sitting in on every Beatles recording giving her true sense to the boys who had been performing together for a decade at that point. And now a strange lady was telling them: "Oh, you need more yah, yah, yah or primal __________(10) in your songs". Tensions were so high at the time, they were being screwed out of their own money, Paul's in-laws were getting involved in managing the Beatles and they were working separately on so many songs that they were almost already solo artists. It's difficult to claim Yoko was to __________(11) for the break-up of the Beatles, but some events should be treated as facts. Certain things are just evident, like her treatment of Julian. Not only did she have Julian buy Lennon's letters back at auction like a nobody, but John's will left nothing to Cynthia and Julian. Yoko, instead of doing the right thing and acknowledging that Julian deserved to be part of his father's legacy, monetarily and otherwise, she fought him in court for years until she gradually settled. She even referred to Julian as the 'mistake child' and her son Sean as the 'planned one'. Furthermore, when Paul McCartney asked Yoko, who now controlled 90% of the publishing rights, if she could change the Lennon-McCartney credit on the music to McCartney-Lennon only for the songs he was the sole writer of, she rudely turned him down saying "Stop trying to rewrite history!" After Lennon had tragically passed away, Yoko decided it would be a great idea to take the __________(12) glasses of a recently murdered husband and put it on display as the cover for her first album. 

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The Sense of Achievement of Saying NO - angol hallott szövegértés KÖZÉPFOK - LISTENING B2 - video angol

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Véletlenül figyeltem fel erre a hölgyeményre a YouTube-on, akit az internet már úgynevezett "truthbomb Mom"-ként tart számon, és túlzás nélkül állíthatom, ez a nő nagyon nagy arc! Az esze a  helyén van, szerintem, a szíve meg persze a száján! :)  Tetszik, ahogy a rohanó világunkban Ő mer szemben úszni az árral és nyíltan vállalja, hogy számára nem mások elvárásai állítják fel a prioritásokat.  Az egyik számomra legélvezetesebb eszmefuttatásából készítettem számotokra egy LISTENING FELADATot, amelyben azt fejtegeti, mi vitte rá arra a régen halogatott, felháborító , roppant nehéz dilemmát és lelkiismeretfurdalást okozó,  egyben hatalmas sikerélménnyel járó tettre, hogy végre NEM-et merjen mondani.

A hiányos szöveget  (12 gaps=12 words) egészítsétek ki a  poszt alján található videó meghallgatásának segítségével ! Have fun!isaidnotodaycover_1.jpg


You guys, I said "NO" today - to an adult! A nice adult, who was asking me to __________(1) to yet another 'thing'. See, over the years, I've gotten sucked into committing to so many 'things' that I didn't have time or energy for, but while I planned on saying no, when my opened my mouth, my vocal cords __________(2) me, and I came "Yees, of course! I'd love to..!" But not today! Today, I said "NO"! 

The nice adult asked "Hey, Kristina, can you help us with this event by doing such and such and such and such and such?", and I said "No, thank you so much for thinking of me and asking me, but NO." 

Now, this is where I pretend that you are __________(3) me. You have leaped out of you seats giving me a standing ovation, you are cheering, you are screaming my name, you are throwing flowers on stage at me, you are possibly even throwing your undergarments at me, because you are __________(4) of how hard it is to ignore the guilt and the pressure and just say "NO". Especially, when the people asking are really nice people with really good __________(5)...but I did it! I said "NO".

Saying that "NO" was kind of like the first time I tried sushi. I was nervous about it, it was __________(6) but then once I took a bite of that spicy tuna roll, I was like "WOW! That is amazing in my mouth!" That's how that "NO" tasted in my mouth: AMAZING. And I will be trying it again, and again. 

Now, in my opinion, "NO" is a full __________(7). It does not require comma or a 'because', it is just beautiful on its own. But regardless, I will tell you why I finally said "NO":

NO, because I am at my limit. 

NO, because my __________(8) is full. Full, like this full. Not full like this full. If I'd wanted my plate to be this full, I would have had like 38 more children. But I'm good with this

NO, because I refuse to live in constant busyness AND I refuse to __________(9) to the glorification of constant busyness. You know what you should put on a pedestal instead of busyness? REST! Rest __________(10) to be put on a pedestal! 

NO, because yes, without even more stress to my already stressed-out life, and then I may __________(11) take that stress out on my children, or my husband. Because, let's be honest: the easiest targets are the people closest to us. Not good. 

NO, because it finally clicked for me that saying "NO" doesn't make me a bad person, or a selfish person, or a BITCH. And if you think it does, still "NO". 

NO, because me being emotionally and mentally healthy is way more important than me being liked by everyone. 

And NO, because having at least ten minutes a day to sit with my feet up, eating carbs and doing seemingly absolutely nothing important is actually very important. And way __________(12) in our culture.

So, thank you so much for asking.. but "NO". 

No, no, "NO"!



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Újabb "LYUKAS" SZÖVEGET (gapfilling) hoztam Nektek, melynek harci feladata már jól ismert lesz: Helyezz vissza a cikk végén megadott 7 mondat közül 6-ot a szövegben hagyott GAPekbe (rés/szöveglyuk), tehát egy elem felesleges lesz, azt ki kell hagyni. Rajta!



One problem that practically everyone faces is how to go about finding a "good" dentist. _____1_____ As a consumer, there are several aspects you should consider about your dentist and their office after you have decided on a particular dentist to care for your teeth.

The internet is filled with dentists who all have one thing in common: a license to practise dentistry in your country. However, they all have different personalities, different levels of experience, and different degrees of expertise. Before you begin looking for a dentist, you should ask yourself these questions:

Are you looking for a dentist near your home, or are you willing to travel a reasonable distance to be treated by a particular dentist you trust and like?

Are certain times of the day or week better for you? Some dentists have early or late office hours; some work on Saturdays. How important are these considerations?

Do you have a physical handicap that requires special attention? Some general dentists and certain specialists cater to specific problems. Also, handicapped patients may need to consider the physical layout of the dental office and its location in relation to parking.

What is your problem? Do you need your teeth cleaned and checked? Do you have an emergency? _____2_____

Do you need a general dentist or a specialist? General dentists are trained to do all types of treatment; however, if you have difficult or unusual problems, the general dentist may refer you to a specialist.

The most readily available sources of information about dentists are your friends, acquaintances, work associates, family physician, or pharmacist. Ask them how long they have gone to their dentist, and how they made their selection. You will primarily find out something about these dentists' personalities, but you should realize that you will rarely get much information about their technical abilities.

_____3_____ They can assist you by recommending several dentists in your area who seem to fit your needs. Then you can call these dentists and decide for yourself if you feel comfortable. You may also want to check on the credentials of a particular dentist. For example, you may want to know if the dentist providing orthodontic treatment is a specialist or a general dentist. Your local dental society can also help you find a dentist if you have an emergency situation. Most societies have rotating emergency lists of dentists who have volunteered to take dental emergency calls on a 24-hour basis.

If you are moving, your current dentist is an excellent person to ask for recommendation. Many times, if they do not know anyone, they will have a colleague who can give them a recommendation.


Is the dentist or their hygienist prevention oriented, pointing out things you can do yourself in order to maintain good dental health? The dentist and their hygienist should provide oral prophylaxis (tooth cleaning), fluoride treatments, sealants, replacements for missing teeth, and needed restorations (fillings). Home care is up to you.

Do they emphasize continued long-term care? In other words, is there a recall system that automatically notifies you when it's time for you periodic checkup?

Does the dentist use dental X rays, when needed, to assist in diagnosing your problem? On the initial visits to their office, they should request that you have X rays taken of all your teeth so they can determine the overall condition of your mouth. On subsequent visits X rays should be taken as needed. No dentist should restore a tooth without proper X rays. At the time of the X ray, note if the dentist is radiation conscious. They should place a lead apron over you to protect you from any "scatter radiation". He should even have a thyroid collar on the lead-lined apron.

Using the information from the X rays and other diagnostic parameters of evaluation, a dentist can suggest what treatment is needed to restore your mouth to good condition again. _____5_____ Dental problems are much less expensive to treat in their early stages. 

Does the dentist take a complete medical and dental history to be included as part of your permanent record? This gives the dentist insight into your particular needs. It can also help prevent possible complications. For instance, it would alert the dentist to allergies you might have to medicines, or to an illness that might require modification of the usual treatment. Even if you have gone to this particular dentist regularly for a period of time, you should be sure that they are aware of any changes in your medical status, medicines you might be using now, or allergies that might have been detected since your last visit. _____6_____ Let you dentist make this decision. For example, you might recently have found that you are a diabetic. This is significant to your dentist, even though the disease has no apparent direct involvement with your teeth. The reason is that diabetes causes a delay in the healing process. Diabetes also can cause gingivitis (gum inflammation). This may mean you need to make more frequent visits to their office to have your teeth cleaned.

Does the dentist or their staff openly discuss your treatment needs, fees, and payment plans in advance of treatment? This approach allows both parties' expectations to be met, and fosters a lasting relationship.

Is emergency care available? Though many dentists list their telephone numbers, others have answering services. Usually, an answering service takes calls and help you find either your own dentist or someone who has agreed to handle after-hours emergency calls. Some dental societies have a list of volunteer dentists who will meet your emergency needs on a 24-hour basis.

The most important step in finding a dentist, however, is to look before you need one, not after you have no choice but to take whoever is available.

/Better Dental Care by J.F. Taintor/


A) Do not make the decision on your own that any medical information is of no dental significance.

B) Like all things in nature, our teeth and their supportive structures tend to break down in time.

C) Most people make this crucial decision several times during their lives.

D) Another way to find a dentist is to call your local dental society.

E) These factors will determine whether you need to see someone immediately or whether you can wait for a regular scheduled appointment.

F) Several aspects of the dentist’s practice can give you useful information in making your choice.

G) This is a far better and less expensive route for you to take than just "taking care of what hurts".


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VIDEÓ ANGOL! Főzés magyarul, kóstolás angolul: HUNGARIAN FOOD TASTING - magyaros ételek és főzéssel kapcsolatos szókincs ANGOLUL - COOKING VOCABULARY

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Néhány amerikai főiskolás kölök megkóstolta a legtipikusabb magyaros kajákat. Nézzétek és hallgassátok, hogy ízlett nekik, majd oldjátok meg a hallott szövegértés feladatot!

Watch the video and mark the sentences true (T) or false (F).

1. Ethan's mum is Hungarian.
2. One of the girls would like to learn how to cook "Chicken Paprikás".
3. More than one of them think "Rakott Káposzta" has some pasta in it.
4. ”Rakott Káposzta” makes one of the guys want to visit Hungary.
5. Brandon thinks Hungarians are quite good at making delicious desserts.
6. Two of them believe that ”Rakott Krumpli” is a breakfast dish.
7. According to the last guy, food is the only thing that really brings people together.




apricot= sárgabarack

bacon= szalonna

batter= folyékony tészta

beans= bab

beef= marhahús

blueberry= feketeáfonya

breakfast= reggeli

breakfasty= reggeliféle

burrito= burrito

cabbage= káposzta

cake= torta

canned= konzerv-

casserole= ragu

cheese= sajt

"Chicken Paprikás"= csirke paprikás

chicken= csirkehús

chili= chili

comfort food= kényeztető eledel

concoction= főzet, elegy, készítmény

cream= tejszín

crepe= palacsinta

crushed up= tört

cuisine= konyha(művészet)

cut into chunks= darabokba vágva

delicious= ízletes, roppant finom

dish= készétel, egytálétel

dumpling= gombóc, nokedli, csipetke

egg= tojás

enchilada= enchilada

flavourful= ízletes

flour= liszt

food= étel

fork= villa

ham= sonka

handmade= kézzel gyúrt/készített

hand-spread= kézzel megkent

hard-boiled eggs= főtt tojás

hearty= tápláló, bőséges, laktató

honey= méz

ingredients= hozzávalók, összetétel, alapanyagok

jam= lekvár

knife= kés

lamb= bárányhús

lasagne= lasagne

"Layered Cabbage"/"Stuffed Cabbage"= rakott/töltött káposzta

"Layered Potatoes"= rakott krumpli

leafy vegetable= leveles zöldség

light= könnyű

meat= hús

meatball= húsgombóc

meatloaf= fasírt

meaty= húsos

menu= étlap

mixture= keverék, elegy, mix

nice= finom

nut= mogyoró(féle)

nutiness= mogyorósság

onion= vöröshagyma

pork= disznóhús

potato= krumpli

powdered sugar= porcukor

preserves= befőtt, dzsem

pungent= pikáns

recommend= ajánl

rice= rizs

sauce= szósz, szaft

saucy= szaftos

sausage= kolbász, virsli

seed= mag

serve= felszolgál

smoky= füstölt

soup= leves

sour cream= tejföl

sour= savanyú

spice= fűszer

spicy= fűszeres

spoon= kanál

stack= máglyarakás

stew= pörkölt

sticky= ragacsos

sweet paprika= édes paprika

sweet= édes

syrupy= szirupos

taste= íz

texture= állag

to cook= főz, fő

to fit well= jól beleillik

to look like...= valamihez hasonlít, úgy néz ki, mint

to make= készít

to smell good= finom illata van

to smell like...= valamilyen illata van

to tastle like...= olyan íze van, mint a…-nek

to try= megkóstol

to wrap around= körbeteker valamivel, belegöngyöl valamibe

tomatoey= paradicsomos

topped with= valamivel a tetején megszórt/megkent

veal= borjúhús

walnut= dió


I finished it all. = Mind megettem.

I never had that before.= Még sosem ettem ilyet korábban.

You can’t go wrong with that.= Ezt nem lehet elrontani.

It melts in your mouth.= Elolvad a szádban.

It has a kick to it.= Van ereje./Ütős./Erős.

It reminds me of a stew.= Pörköltre emlékeztet.

There’s a sweet, almost sour taste that came with it.= Édeskés, épphogy/picikét/majdhogynem savanyú utóíze volt.

They know what they’re doing.= Értik a módját./Értenek hozzá.



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Watch and listen to the INFORMATIVE VIDEO about Boris Bikes by Oxford University Press and mark the sentences (below) TRUE (T) or FALSE (F).


1. Jack drives in London for pleasure.
2. Parking in London is nearly as expensive as petrol.
3. Jack usually gets around the city by bike.
4. The Tube is the oldest and cheapest way of public transport in the capital.
5. Cycle hire has been the healthiest alternative to public transport since 2010.
6. Boris Bikes was named after a politician.
7. Boris Bikes is completely free.
8. Bike sharing is only popular with visitors to London.
9. Since the 1960s more than 156 bike schemes have been introduced in the world.
10. The bike scheme in Barcelona is called ’bixi’.
11. The biggest bike sharing system is in China.
12. London is the most bike-friendly city in Europe.
13. In the UK there are separate bike lanes everywhere.
14. It isn’t allowed to cycle on the pavements in London.
15. You must wear a helmet and bright coloured clothes while you’re riding.


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PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS - angol folyamatos befejezett jelen & a NON-ACTION igék

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Present Perfect Continuoust, azaz folyamatos befejezett jelent az angolban a következő komplex esetben fogsz használni, azaz ha a felsorolt változók MINDEGYIKE (5 db) EGYIDEJŰLEG fennáll:

A mondatodban: 

1. ACTION azaz CSELEKVŐ IGÉnek kell lennie (azaz NON-ACTION* típusú igék kizárva)

2. A MÚLTBAN KEZDŐDÖTT a  szóban forgó cselekvés/történés

3. EGY IDEJE FENNÁLLÓ, végbemenő vagy ISMÉTLŐDŐ cselekvést/történést írsz le


5. A cselekvés/történés HATÁSA A JELENBEN ÉRZÉKELHETŐ / látható / tapasztalható


Lássunk is akkor egy ilyen mondatot. Hazaérve döbbenten veszem tudomásul, hogy könnyesek, következésképp pirosak is a szemeid. Azt kérdezem:



Have you been crying?

1. sírni= CSELEKVŐ IGE

2. nyilván valamikor el kellett kezdődnie, mielőtt hazaértem: A MÚLTBAN KEZDŐDÖTT

3. egy ideig biztosan folyamatban volt, mivel némi idő bizonyára kell a sírásból, hogy így kivörösödjenek a szemeid: EGY IDEJE TART a sírás

4. most már ugyan nem sírsz, mert ÉPP ABBAHAGYTAD már (b), de:

5. most is látszik a vörösségen, hogy idáig ezt csináltad: a sírás HATÁSA még mindig látható, amikor most rád nézek 


A szerkezeti képlet:

I/You/We/They have (not) been cry... -ing.
He/She/It has (not) been work... -ing.


Nagyon jellemző ebben az igeidőben, hogy olyan időhatározót tartalmaz, amely egy hosszabb időtartamra utal, pl.


all day= egész nap (még most is)

all night= egész éjjel (még most is)

all afternoon= egész délután (még most is)

for hours= órák óta

for ages= évek óta, "ezer éve"

since she woke up= mióta felkelt

recently= nemrégiben, az utóbbi időben

how long?= mióta?


Néhány további példamondat a Present Perfect Continuousban:

1. Régóta vársz?

Have you been waiting (for a) long (time)?

2. 2010 óta járunk együtt.

We've been going out together since 2010.

3. Mióta tanulsz angolt?

How long have you been studying/learning English?

4. Egész nap csak takarítok!

I have been cleaning all day!

5. Azóta veszekednek, mióta hazajött a pali.

They have been arguing since the bloke got home.

6. Nem érzem jól magam mostanában.

I haven't been feeling well recently.

7. Nem sírtam, csak hagymát vágtam. 

I haven't been crying, I've only been cutting onions.

8. Két éve tanul vezetni, de még nem sikerült a jogsi vizsgája.

She has been learning to drive for two years but she hasn't passed her driving test yet.

9. Hát te merre jártál? Vásárolgattál?

Where have you been? Have you been shopping?

10. Legalább másfél órája szerkesztem ezt a blogbejegyzést, de még nem fejeztem be.

I've been editing this post for at least an hour and a half but I haven't finished it yet.

Visszatérve a NON-ACTION (nem cselekvő) igékre: nyomatékosítsuk még egyszer, hogy ezek nem használhatóak ebben az igeidőben! Ismételjük át, hogy milyen igék is ezek.










  • know 
  • remember 
  • forget 
  • want
  • decide
  • recognise
  • realize
  • doubt stb.
  • be
  • exist
  • have (ha birtoklást fejez ki!!)
  • possess
  • own
  • belong to
  • need
  • require stb.
  • look (látszik!!)
  • taste
  • smell
  • feel (tapintású!!)
  • sound
  • seem stb.
  • like
  • prefer
  • dislike
  • hate
  • love
  • adore
  • detest
  • regret stb.

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ANGOL NYELVVIZSGA SZÓKINCS - teszteld magad nyelvvizsga témakörökből KÖZÉPFOKON (B2) - DAILY LIFE

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BETEGSÉGEK, KEZELÉSEK, INTERNET - Illnesses, Treatments & the Internet - Don't Diagnose with a Click! B2 NYELVVIZSGA SZÓKINCSFEJLESZTÉS

Angol tanulás online és offline, akárhol vagy bárhol! :) Nyelvtanulás és szórakozás egy helyen!

Hajlamos vagy a hipochondriára? Van interneted? Innen már csak egy lépés a netochondria vagy kiberchondria! Olvasd el angolul, milyen veszélyeket rejt magában az, ha megbetegedéseid alkalmával inkább kigooglizod a tüneteidet és orvosi vélemény nélkül öndiagnózisokat állítasz fel. A hasznos olvasmány mellé méghasznosabb feladat társul: helyezd vissza a cikk végén felsorolt egészség/betegség szókincs elemeit (20 db) a szövegbe!

Short on time, or just don't want to bother your GP? It's tempting to turn to the internet to see what might be wrong with you - but that can have negative results...


With GP __________(1) busier than ever, many people are choosing to search the internet for answers to a health worry, or to try to self-diagnose. Evern Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has suggested parents search online to determine the severity of their children's rash. But, as Dr Ellie Cannon explains, googling __________(2) has its dangers.


When we make a __________(3), it is about a lot more than your list of symptoms. You'll notice a GP often asks about your job, your relationships or even what you have been eating. You need that whole story to make a proper __________(4) assessment, and Google just can't see that big picture. This often leads to a wrong answer which can be dangerous if a serious diagnosis is missed.

COULD IT BE __________(5)?

Google gives you all the weird and sinister possible diagnoses, as well as the most likely common ones that I see every day in my __________(6). It is human nature to look at those strange possibilities and start to worry you have some very rare, serious illness. Symtom checkers tend to provide vast unrealistic lists of __________(7), most often including the word 'cancer' which, of course, gives people huge amounts of unneccesary worry.


As well as worry, googling medical complaints can lead to disappointment. Many websites suggest __________(8) that is not appropriate: US-based sites may recommend pricey experimental treatments that are not available or recommended in the UK. Alternative medicine sites can offer __________(9) that are unproven and come with a heavy price tag. Even genuine medical sites may offer out-of-date advice.


It's good to see someone. Whether it's a __________(10) or a GP, there is no substitute for interaction with a real-life healthcare professional. You can't diagnose a __________(11) by trying to match a picture on Google - when  doctors __________(12) you they're looking for your general well-being and appearance, and how distressed you are. A quick online check cannot match that universal view.


The online world, as we know, can be different to reality, and this is very true for health information, which can be fake or inaccurate. Many sites appear to be written or endorsed by a __________(13) when they aren't - anyone can put a picture of a __________(14) on their blog and fool people into believing it is a genuine medical site. This can be misleading and unsafe.


But it's not all bad. There are some fabulous __________(15) resources online if you look at the right sites. NHS Choices and NetDoctor offer up-to-date medical information written by UK doctors whose advice you know you can trust. They are good places to read about your diagnosis once you have been to your __________(16) to give you a broader view of your __________(17) and treatment.


If you suffer with a __________(18) or something slightly unusual, an online community can be really valuable. Charities such as the National Eczema Society provide online support and fantastic information, with tips from other sufferers - a great __________(19) of advice and comfort. For rarer __________(20), online communities offer support and information that would not otherwise be readily available.

Adapted from the British Press

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CHRONIC ILLNESS= krónikus betegség

CLINIC= klinika, szakrendelő

CONDITIONS= állapotok, betegségek, nyavalyák

’CURES’= gyógymódok, kúrák

DIAGNOSIS= kórmegállapítás, diagnózis

DISEASES= betegségek, kórok

DOCTOR= orvos

EXAMINE= megvizsgál

GP= general practitioner= háziorvos, körzeti orvos

HEALTH= egészség

ISSUE= probléma

MEDICAL= orvosi

PHARMACIST= patikus, gyógyszerész

RASH= kiütés

SOURCE= forrás (állításé)

STETHOSCOPE= hallgatócső, sztetoszkóp

SURGERIES= rendelők

SYMPTOMS= tünetek, szimptómák

TREATMENT= kezelés


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Angol tanulás online és offline, akárhol vagy bárhol! :) Nyelvtanulás és szórakozás egy helyen!

Klasszikus TELC nyelvvizsgás szövegértés illetve LANGUAGE ELEMENTS feladat: Helyezz vissza 15 közül 10 szövegelemet a cikkbe. Tehát 5 szó felesleges lesz! Melyek? 

A- announcement, B- ceremony, C- congratulations, D- delighted,

E- duchess, F- engagement, G- expecting, H- gynaecologist, I- legislation,  

J- marriage, K- monarch, L- prince, M- pregnancy, N- sickness, O- throne      


The Duchess of Cambridge is __________(1) a baby, St James's Palace has announced. Members of the Royal Family and the duchess's family, the Middletons, are said to be delighted. A spokesman said the duchess, who is thought to be less than 12 weeks pregnant, has been admitted to a London hospital with acute morning __________(2) and is likely to stay for several days. The baby - the couple's first - will be born third in line to the __________(3), after Prince Charles and Prince William. Catherine and William, who are both 30, were married at Westminster Abbey in April 2011.
BBC's royal correspondent Peter Hunt said William and Kate were staying at her parents in Berkshire at the weekend and travelled to the private London hospital from there by car. William spent several hours with his wife but left the King Edward VII hospital shortly after 20:00 GMT. It is understood that Kate is being cared for by __________(4) Marcus Setchell, who delivered the Countess of Wessex's two children. The duchess was last seen in public on Friday when she visited her old school, St Andrew's, in Pangbourne in Berkshire. In a statement, St James's Palace said: "Their Royal Highnesses the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby. "The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall and Prince Harry and members of both families are __________(5) with the news." It said the duchess was suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, which requires supplementary hydration and nutrients. "As the pregnancy is in its very early stages, Her Royal Highness is expected to stay in hospital for several days and will require a period of rest thereafter," it added. St James's Palace refused to be drawn on when the royal couple became aware of the pregnancy, only saying "recently". But it is understood the palace __________(6) was prompted by the Duchess's medical condition. The Queen, Prince Charles and other members of the Royal Family were only told about the pregnancy earlier in the day, our royal correspondent said. Prince William's brother Prince Harry, who is serving with the Army in Afghanistan, is thought to have been told about pregnancy in an e-mail. Daghni Rajasingham, a consultant obstetrician, told BBC Radio 4's PM programme the sickness will continue throughout the pregnancy in a "very small" number of cases and may result in future re-admission to hospital "But in terms of any particular complications, if it's treated well and they're kept well hydrated it's something that is relatively easy and well treated."
Asked about having children in an interview after their __________(7) in November 2010, William said: "I think we'll take it one step at a time. We'll get over the marriage thing first and then maybe look at the kids, but obviously we want a family."
Prime Minister David Cameron wrote on Twitter that he was "delighted by the news...They will make wonderful parents." Labour leader Ed Miliband tweeted: "Fantastic news for Kate, William and the country. A royal baby is something the whole nation will celebrate." A spokesman for the Royal Air Force, with which William serves as a search-and-rescue pilot, said: "The RAF is delighted with the news and wishes the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge all the best for the future." William's uncle Earl Spencer, the brother of Princess Diana, said the __________(8) was "wonderful news and I am thrilled for them both". The Archbishop of Canterbury, who married the couple, said: "The whole nation will want to join in celebrating this wonderful news. We wish the Duchess the best of health and happiness in the months ahead." The White House also paid tribute. President Barack Obama's press secretary Jay Carney said: "On behalf of everyone here...beginning with the president and first lady we extend our __________(9) to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on the welcome news we received from London that they are expecting their first child." Royal journalist Ingrid Seward said the royal pair were likely to have wanted to start a family "sooner rather than later", but delayed so that they could play their part in honouring the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. She told the BBC: "Kate will be 31 in January and I think by royal standards that is relatively old."
In October 2011, Commonwealth leaders agreed to change succession laws so that the daughter of any future UK monarch will have equal right to the throne as a son. The law has not yet been altered but a Cabinet Office spokesman says formal consent is expected "very shortly" and ministers have indicated that the __________(10) will apply to any royal births from the date of the leaders' decision. The monarch is also head of the armed forces, supreme governor of the Church of England, head of state of the UK and 15 other Commonwealth countries.


As with William and Kate's wedding, this pregnancy will be played out both on a private and a very public stage. It was the great unsaid. As one historian put it, the first "duty and ambition" of someone in the duchess' position was to produce an heir. Marriages and births are crucial to the very survival of the ancient institution. When the baby is born, Prince Harry's importance reduces and he relinquishes the position of third-in-line to the throne. Even if it's a girl, the government is insistent she will be head of state of Britain and, as things stand, 15 other countries where the Queen still reigns. The law will be changed, they say, to ensure she would not be overtaken by any younger brother. The hope in royal circles will be that the future of the monarchy has now been secured for another generation.

/Adapted from BBC News/ 


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